Brixton Motorcycles 10 June 2020

Crossfire 500

The first prototype of a half-litre class model was presented in 2018 at the international motorcycle fair EICMA in Milan. Particularly eye-catching was the unique “X-Tank”, which precisely embodies the Visual Product Language (VPL) of BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES – a brand of the Austrian KSR Group. In the future, all vehicles with the new design line focused on the X will be called “Crossfire”. The “Crossfires” will then represent an independent design line within the BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES model range and the name will also follow its own strategy. Crossfire emphasises the “Cross” – the X – in the tank and throughout the design, and the “Fire” in the name represents the passion, vision and fire in our hearts.

The new Crossfire design line was developed by the KSR Group design team, which has been working creatively in KSR’s own design studio in the Krems-Gedersdorf Business Park, Austria, for the past 2 years. State-of-the-art software and hardware, including a clay studio with a hydraulic 360° rotating lift, where clay models of future models can be produced and viewed from all sides for refinement. A 3D printer for the rapid production of prototypes of individual design elements is also used there.

At the heart of the Crossfire 500 is a completely new 486 cc two-cylinder in-line engine developed by 20 engineers over a two-year period. A total of 80,000 development hours went into the engine, which, with 35 kW output, exploits exactly the legally permitted performance spectrum of the A2 segment and can therefore be driven by A2 newcomers aged 18 and over.

In recent months, the pre-series vehicles had to prove their stability once again on the test bench over 40,000 kilometres and also over 40,000 test kilometres on the road and on test tracks. During these particularly tough test runs, the load of one test kilometer corresponds to a multiple of the load of an everyday kilometer.

For purchased components, the company has chosen top global suppliers. The tires are supplied by Pirelli (Italy), the adjustable KYB shock absorbers come from Japan, and behind the electronics of the ABS braking system are the German engineering skills of Bosch. The braking system is used from the Spanish manufacturer J.Juan.

The Crossfire 500 was accompanied by the Crossfire 500 X from the start of production. The Crossfire 500 X has been given a more rustic look with coarser tyres, wider handlebars, a different seat and a license plate holder mounted in the extension of the seat.

Production of the Crossfire 500 and Crossfire 500 X, whose launch had to be postponed somewhat due to the Covid 19 pandemic, has now started, with the first models expected at Brixton dealers in Europe in August 2020.

The launch of the Crossfire 500 is a very important milestone in the history of the Brixton Motorcycles brand.
Michael and Christian Kirschenhofer

“The launch of the Crossfire 500 is a very important milestone in the history of the Brixton Motorcycles brand. And we are very confident that this model will not only meet the spirit of the times, but above all the tastes of our target group,” explain Michael and Christian Kirschenhofer, owners and managing directors of the KSR Group. “It all started with the presentation of the first Brixton 125 motorcycle at the EICMA 2016, and from then on it accelerated at an incredible pace! Being different and unconventional was and is the motto at Brixton Motorcycles – always in line with our mantra “Any directions, as long it is your own”. This approach is still very inspiring for us, especially when you see how the team and our large community identify with our brand!

A little earlier, in July 2020, another model of the “Crossfire” design line will be launched, namely the “Crossfire 125 XS” mini-bike. This A1 class bike (from 16 years of age) picks up the basic idea of the Japanese mini-bikes of the 1970s and translates it into modern times with modern BRIXTON X design line and contemporary technology. For spring 2021 the launch of the “normal size” Crossfire 125 is announced, which will be the first A1 bike from BRIXTON with a water-cooled engine.

Another novelty already expected for July is the Felsberg 125 XC. The larger front wheel compared to the standard model, the higher front bar and the standard underbody protection reinforce the off-road look of the rustic Felsberg, which is one of the most popular BRIXTON models in Europe.

BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES has titled its third 125cc newcomer in July 2020 “for Individualists”, and the “Rayburn 125” is entirely designed in bobber style. With a sprung single seat, a leather tool bag, restrained dark blue two-tone paintwork, but of course with the usual modern and reliable technology, it is an absolute eye-catcher for loners who want to go their own way or rather ride.

While production and sales are currently busy with the new models, the design and development teams are already working on the next “ignition stage” of the successful and globally operating motorcycle brand.




“Any direction. As long as it’s your own”. This is the motto under which the Austrian KSR Group presented the new BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES brand at the international motorcycle trade fair EICMA in Milan in 2016 for the first time. Anti-authoritarian and nonconformist, classic, yet completely without kitsch, but equipped with the latest technology – with these ingredients, BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES started the series production in 2017.

BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES are exported to around 40 countries worldwide, and in many of these countries BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES are already among the most popular 125cc and 250cc shift motorcycles. With the Crossfire 500 BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES now presents the first model in the half-liter class. The KSR Group’s design and development centre in the Krems-Gedersdorf Business Park (Austria) is already working on further expanding the model range. Even more powerful models are planned, as are further models and variants with the proven engines.

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