“With KSR, not only are you working with a competent and reliable supplier, but also an experienced, local partner who offers tailor-made solutions for successful products.”
— Christian Kirschenhofer, CEO

Everything from a single source

Market analysis

We examine international trends and evaluate specific market potential.


After agreeing a competitive positioning, we explore product requirements.

Design and development

Our sourcing specialists, designers and engineers create product concepts with selected manufacturers.


Our marketing team creates promotional materials, packaging and instructions.

Quality management

Together with our offices in Asia, we ensure excellent functionality and product quality by gaining any necessary certification.


We commence worldwide delivery of the final product through our partners.

Four product pillars


Smart appliances that simplify household life and improve well-being.


Training and relaxation through well-engineered, on-trend products.


Versatile range for all outdoor areas, modular and multifunctional.


Future-oriented bikes and scooters for leisure and work, innovative and climate-friendly.

Our services and strengths

  • Trends
    Products are created in response to, or to shape, international trends.
  • Design
    Great design and functionality are vital to good sales.
  • Positioning
    With clear USPs, we can create a successful sales launch.
  • Simplicity
    Products are easy to use with obvious benefits, giving the consumer clear reasons to buy.
  • Enjoyable products
    As well as excellent functionality, our products have features that make them fun to use.
  • Sales maximization
    High quality marketing drives further purchase.
  • Effectiveness
    Modular product concepts are cost effective, allowing us to create a wide range of variants.
  • Quality
    We only work with companies committed to making the highest quality products.
  • Software and hardware
    We develop these with experienced manufacturers according to customer-specific requirements.
  • Performance
    Strong power sources and good distance ranges are essential for successful e-mobility solutions.
  • Security
    We only use high quality components that have been tested repeatedly.
  • Legal
    We work closely with testing institutes and authorities.

The partner for your success

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