CFMoto 9 August 2019

CFMOTO UForce 1000

The CFMOTO UForce 1000 is the new top model among the practical UTVs from CFMOTO. Equipped with the powerful, one-litre engine, with tiltable loading area and many practical shelves it offers highest utility value and best off-road mobility.

UTVs (Utility Terrain Vehicles) are also becoming increasingly popular in German-speaking countries. They combine the off-road capability of an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) with the ease of use of a passenger car. Like a passenger car, you accelerate and brake with pedals and steer with a conventional steering wheel. Since you are protected by belts and a roll cage, you don’t have to wear a helmet. Optional features such as a roof, windows or even a full cab further increase driving comfort.

So it’s no wonder that more and more farmers, foresters, hunters, but also emergency organizations such as fire brigades, mountain and water rescue rely on UTVs. Narrow dimensions, wide tyres and low dead weight not only ensure high off-road capability, but also low soil compaction and penetration in narrow areas, minimising damage to trees, for example.

CFMOTO has been the market leader for all-terrain vehicles in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for years. CFMOTO’s UTVs, all of which bear the name “UForce”, are also among the most popular in their segment. After the single-cylinder model UForce 550 and the V2-cylinder model UForce 800, the market leader now brings a completely new top model with the UForce 1000.

The V2 injection engine with 963 cm³ develops 58 kW maximum power and a powerful 82 Nm torque. As with all CFMOTO models, the UForce 1000 is also equipped with CVT transmission with return and reduction gear, manually selectable all-wheel drive and differential lock. Electronic power steering (EPS) is also standard on this model.

The UForce 1000 offers everything a UTV needs with a cable winch, trailer hitch and a tiltable loading area with folding rear wall and numerous luggage securing options. Inside, the UForce 1000 features numerous shelves and storage compartments, including a lockable glove compartment.

In addition, the approximately 400 CFMOTO dealers in German-speaking countries also offer a comprehensive range of accessories: In addition to the cabin already mentioned, for example, work lights, small spreaders, various trailers, flail mowers and so on.

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Christian Osanger