Brixton Motorcycles 6 November 2019

EICMA 2019: Brixton

EICMA 2019: Model Initiative at BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES

Thanks to its own design centre, things have really got going at BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES!

Four years ago, KSR introduced the new “BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES” brand for the first time at the EICMA International Motor Show in Milan. Three years after the start of production, the brand is present in 50 countries over 4 continents and is one of the market leaders for 125 cm³ motorbikes in many places. The first vehicles ready to go into production in the 500 cm³ segment, which were designed at the in-house design centre in Austria, are to be presented at EICMA 2019.

BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES started at EICMA 2015 at the booth of a lubricant producer, as KSR first wanted to test the reactions of the experts at the show. The reaction was overwhelming. Production began in 2017 and by 2018, BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES was already one of the most popular brands in the 125 cm³ motorbike segment in many European countries, and not just in Europe: BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES are also being sold in Asia, Southern Africa and North and South America. Under the slogan “Any direction, as long as it’s your own”, BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES has become a cult brand in around fifty countries around the world.

Since then, BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES has gained a great deal of attention year after year.  At EICMA 2018, the 250 cm³ models were followed by a concept bike in the half-litre class. The basic layout was classic and the detail solutions unique and innovative, for example the “X-Tank”, which perfectly embodies the Visual Product Language (VPL) of BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES.

Hard to believe, but the concept bike has indeed become a reality. At the EICMA 2019, BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES will present the Crossfire 500 and the robust sister model Crossfire 500 X, which match the concept bike in almost every way. Even the X-Tank, which many feared that would remain a “show gag”, was able to be put into series production. Implementing the BRIXTON DNA down to the last detail was the responsibility of an international design team which moved into the newly established design centre at the KSR headquarters in Krems, Austria in 2019. It has its own clay studio, state-of-the-art software and modern hardware such as a 3D printer at its disposal.

The Crossfire 500 and the Crossfire 500 X are driven by a two-cylinder in-line engine which, at 35 kW, offers the maximum power permitted in the fast-growing A2 segment (driving licence obtainable from the age of 18). Both models are expected to ship from the 2nd quarter of 2020.

Another model under the Crossfire name is already expected for summer 2020, namely the Crossfire 125 XS. Like the top-of-the-range model, the minibike is characterised by its sharp lines, which are particularly apparent in the X-Tank. Following this in the second half of the year, the Crossfire 125 will be BRIXTON’s first 125cc motorbike with a water-cooled engine. Of course, this will also get the characteristic X-tank.

In a considerably more classic style, the new Rayburn 125 will most likely make an appearance in the second quarter of 2020 as well. It features a spring-mounted single seat, leather tool bag and subtle dark-blue paint, but of course also standard modern, reliable technology. A total eye-catcher for individualists who want to walk – excuse me – drive their own path.

The Felsberg 125 XC is the third new model expected for the spring of 2020. It’s based on the BX 125 X, which is to be renamed “Felsberg 125”, but has a larger front wheel, a higher mudguard and series-standard underbody protection.

Speaking of Felsberg, a new naming system needed to be introduced on account of the model initiative: the classic bikes will now be sold under the name “Cromwell“, i.e. those formerly known as BX 125 and Saxby 250. “Felsberg” is the name given to the models with studded tyres, i.e. the former BX 125 X and the Glanville 250 X. The Café Racer BX 125 R is now known as the “Sunray”. These names are taken from street names in London’s Brixton district.

The vehicles in the new X-focused design line are called “Crossfire”. They represent an independent design line and the name follows its own strategy. Crossfire emphasises the “Cross” – the X – in the tank and the entire design line; the “fire” in the name stands for passion, vision and the fire in our hearts.

But it wouldn’t be BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES if they didn’t give us a preview of the next stages of development at EICMA. Leading the way for BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES is a concept bike in even larger displacement classes which demonstrates the brand’s development capabilities. From the preliminary sketch to the 3D renderings and the clay model, the entire concept bike was created at the KSR Design Centre. One of BRIXTON’s stated goals is to bring this bike into the series too. When this will happen is not yet clear. BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES wants to take its time in creating a technically mature vehicle that exceeds the high quality standards in these displacement classes. As has already become tradition at BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES, expectations are high!

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