9 11 月 2021

As part of the exclusive MOTO REPUBLIC 2021 press event, the Austrian KSR Group are presenting the new products relating to the Brixton, Malaguti and Motron Motorcycles brands at its corporate headquarters in Gedersdorf near Krems on Tuesday, 9 November.

The models of the young Austrian brands are developed and designed in the in-house design studio built in 2019 at the KSR Group headquarters. The well-coordinated team consists of 9 engineers and designers and is set to grow further, focusing on Brixton Motorcycles, Malaguti, and Motron Motorcycles in the coming years. In the past, the KSR Group was primarily a vehicle importer – now with the group brands Brixton Motorcycles, Malaguti and Motron Motorcycles, which are the still relatively young, the company is rapidly growing, which are also the pride and joy of the owner brothers Christian and Michael Kirschenhofer. Especially with the Brixton Crossfire 500, they built a motorcycle that was highly praised by the national and international press. In Krems, of course, they have not rested on their laurels and so there is big news to announce at the MOTO REPUBLIC on 9th of November. KSR CEO Peter Kopriva on the press event: “I am particularly pleased to welcome the most important press partners from our core KSR countries. Personal contact with the media is very important to us to be able to convey our passion for the motorbike industry.”

Cromwell 1200: First big bike from Brixton Motorcycles

The unveiling of the first production-ready Cromwell 1200 is undoubtedly the highlight of Brixton’s model range for the coming 2022. It’s a flagship that won’t – and doesn’t have to – hide from the competition. The 1222cm³ two-cylinder in-line engine produces 60 kW/82 hp and 108 Nm of torque at 3,500 rpm and comes with KYB suspension, Nissin braking system, Bosch ABS, traction control, cruise control, Magneti Marelli EFI, Pirelli tyres, round TFT-display and anti-theft key system. Final tests have been run in the last few weeks and months, series production will start in early 2022 and the first models are expected to be available in Europe in the first quarter.

Brixton’s second new model to arrive in the first quarter of 2022 will be the Crossfire 125 and, like its bigger sisters, the Crossfire 500 and 500 X, will continue the distinctive X design line. The exact technical specifications will be determined in the course of the tests that are still underway. What is certain is that it will come with a water-cooled 4-stroke engine with around 10 kW/13.6 hp and 10.5 Nm at 5,500 U/min. Some of the Austrian manufacturer’s other models will see fresh colours for 2022.

Malaguti: First Drakon 125 and upcoming e-scooter

At MOTO REPUBLIC, there is also big news from Malaguti Motorcycles with the new Drakon 125. The brand’s first bike to be designed, developed, and engineered from the ground up by KSR, it is set to usher in a new era at Malaguti. The Drakon is powered by a 125cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine. The exact performance data is still being kept under wraps, but it is revealed that the 125 will come with a modern TFT display and ABS as standard. It will be available in the second quarter of 2022.

The models Mission, Dune and Dune X, which are already available, will remain a permanent fixture at Malaguti in the coming year. New will be another e-scooter, which will be presented for the first time as a pre-production vehicle at the event.

Two more models are being developed under the abbreviations XSM and XTM, and Malaguti plans to announce more in the second half of 2022. These two models will also carry the new design DNA of the brand. Until then, information on the successor to the Madison 300 will also be made public as well.

Motron Motorcycles: Expansion of the model range

Motron Motorcycles is KSR’s most broadly positioned motorbike brand and will be expanded again for the coming year – especially in terms of displacement: The Warrior 400 and the X-Nord 400 touring enduro currently top the list as the largest cubic capacity class in the model range and will be launched in the first half of 2022. Homologation of the two models is currently being finalised, so details of the technical data are still being kept under wraps.

The sporty naked bike named Nomad 125 will be officially presented for the first time and is expected to be available in Europe as early as the first quarter of 2022. The 124cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine produces 9.5 KW/13 hp at 9,000 rpm. The bike also impresses with its innovative design: its dynamic lines, the lighting system with diamond-shaped headlight and LED taillights, as well as the easy-to-read and large LED display are just some of the highlights.

The models already presented in 2021 will also be found in the 2022 model range.

New partnership – KSR cooperates with Craig Dent

There is also surprising news on the design side. Craig Dent, one of the world’s leading designers of the two-wheel segment, and KSR will be going their ways together in future. Ride GmbH, based in Salzburg, is a newly founded joint venture with Craig Dent as managing director. Craig Dent will steer the fortunes of Ride GmbH and thus take over the vehicle design direction of all KSR group brands with immediate effect. Currently, the focus is on the strategic development of the A-TO, Brixton Motorcycles and Malaguti brands.