Up to € 150 Cashback

The NIU NQi Sport – minimalist design meets maximum riding fun!

Opt for the NQi Sport in the Standard or Extended Range version and get up to € 150 cashback!**


NIU NQi Sport technical highlights:

Max. speed

45 km/h

Max. range

45 km Standard Range
65 km Extended Range***

Charging time

7 hours Standard Range
9 hours Extended Range


1800 W (30 minutes max. continuous power 1.8 kW @487 min-1)




NIU EnergyTM Lithium battery


For Android and iOS

More information about the NIU NQi Sport vehicles can be found on the manufacturer’s website:


Here’s how: To receive your cashback, please fill in the form below and upload your NIU NQi Sport invoice. The amount of the cashback depends on the model:

NIU NQi Sport SR (Standard Range): € 100,-**
NIU NQi Sport ER (Extended Range): € 150,-**


The cashback will be transferred directly into your bank account. Please note that it can take up to 8 weeks to receive the cashback. Details and information about the promotion can be found in our terms and conditions.

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Have fun with your new NIU NQi Sport!


** Terms and conditions:
Promotion valid until further notice. Only valid on the vehicles listed above if purchased in the following period: 06.02.2023 to 15.03.2023. Only valid for new vehicles. Offer valid for the first 300 registered customers. Promotion cannot be redeemed for cash or combined with other promotions. Cashback will only be granted on the condition that no cancellation and/or exchange is made. If the cashback has already been paid out, it must be repaid without exception within 3 days of the cancellation and/or exchange in the event of a cancellation and/or exchange, as otherwise the bank may arrange for the cashback to be reversed, including any charges incurred.

*** Ranges are estimates and may vary basend on many factors such as terrain, temperature, weight and many more.