Now available: The Brixton Cromwell 1200 and Crossfire 125

Brixton Motorcylces 2 September 2022

While the Brixton Cromwell 1200 has been given a big boost in displacement, new standards are also being set at the other end of the cubic capacity range: The Crossfire 125 is Brixton’s first water-cooled 125 and takes the Crossfire design to a new level. Here’s an overview of the two models that are already on sale.

The first 340 examples of the Cromwell 1200 have been delivered to European Brixton dealers. The Crossfire 125 is already available nationwide.

Cromwell 1200: More combustion chamber to breathe in

Key data and equipment of the big Cromwell are impressive – even without looking at the 9,999,- non-binding list price in Germany. The in-line two-cylinder engine with its 1222 cm3 produces 83 hp at 6,550 rpm and a whopping 108 Nm of torque at 3,100 rpm. Mahle pistons work in the 4-valve engine and an anti-hopping clutch in the 6-speed gearbox.

The bike is fitted with KYB stereo struts, Nissin brakes and Bosch ABS. The Cromwell 1200 also comes with ride-by-wire, traction control, cruise control, two riding modes, LED lights, round TFT display and USB port. Pirelli tyres are obligatory on many Brixton models – here fitted: Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp. The Cromwell is available in three colours, in the Backstage Black variant the stainless steel exhaust system is painted black.

Crossfire 125: Water cooling and Crossfire design on a new level

Alongside the Crossfire 125 XS, the new Crossfire 125 is the second eight-litre model in the range to feature the iconic X design. Compared to the playful 125 XS, however, the Crossfire 125 is a fully grown motorbike. The ever stricter exhaust regulations made water cooling the only satisfactory solution for the Crossfire 125, as no noticeable loss of performance was to be accepted. Although the vehicle weight and the price increase somewhat, the water-cooled concept is in any case beneficial to the performance overall – stronger acceleration and higher top speed clearly speak for a water-cooled model in the 125 class.

The Crossfire 500 only came onto the market in 2019. In addition to praise from the press for technical implementation, handling and the basic tuning work, it was above all the tank shape, which has since become iconic and attracted a lot of attention. It was not always clear during the development process whether the X, which gives the bike its name, was technically feasible in this form. However, the Crossfire family, which has grown to four members, has dispelled all doubts in this regard. And now the Crossfire 125 shows once again that design ideas can actually be realised – even in the entry-level class. The lines of the Crossfire-X on the tank have been stepped towards the rear, giving the model a much more dynamic appearance and making it clear that here, with the latest Crossfire, it is certainly no longer a question of deciding between retro or modern.

With the young Crossfire, however, the 125cc class not only gets a visually attractive model. With 13.6 hp at 9,500 rpm, it doesn’t let itself be left behind by the big, established competitors – and certainly not when it comes to equipment. Standard features include adjustable preload shock absorbers, Bosch electronic fuel injection, LED daytime running lights, tail lights and indicators, and a round LCD display.



Anti-authoritarian and non-conformist, classic yet completely devoid of kitsch, but equipped with state-of-the-art technology – with these ingredients, BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES started series production in 2017.

BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES are exported to around 40 countries worldwide and in many of these countries the machines are already among the most popular 125 cc and 250 cc manual motorbikes. With the Crossfire 500, BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES presented the first model in the half-litre class in 2020. The spearhead of the brand is now the Cromwell 1200.

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