COMMODORE: Return of a cult brand

20 October 2021

The COMMODORE spirit of yesteryear returns to make households playfully smart.

In the 1980s, most computers were barely affordable for most private households and also seemed too complicated for many. COMMODORE was a pioneer at that time and created alternatives with home computers like the legendary C64 at fair prices and simple operation. Many people were thus given a playfully simple introduction to the still unknown world of computers.

A playfully simple entry into a new world at affordable prices – this COMMODORE spirit is now being carried forward into the smart home and household robotics sector. The first of these will be intelligent vacuum robots with a wiping function. The CVR 100, CVR 200 and CVR 300 models are designed to provide easy access to the smart home of the future, even for those who are still afraid of it.

With up to 2600 Pa suction power, they put most other vacuum robots in the shade. The simultaneous suction and mopping function ensures a clean home in a short time. COMMODORE CVR 200 and CVR 300 use intelligent laser navigation and infrared sensors to orient themselves with the highest precision. In the process, the sensors measure the rooms to ensure that the independent cleaning is as efficient and seamless as possible. With 2.4 or 5 GHz WLAN, the vacuuming and mopping robots can also be integrated into a Smart Home using Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The intuitively operated COMMODORE app enables numerous detailed settings. Depending on the model, these include cleaning modes and times, suction power, no-go zones and managing the maps created by COMMODORE. In this way, cleaning can be organised on site or remotely via the app, as required by everyday life, but also, for example, by surprising events – such as visits announced at short notice.

Of course, every COMMODORE household robot can also be controlled directly on the device or by remote control – without thinking, you can rely on the sophisticated cleaning programmes of the household helpers.

The starting signal for the comeback of the cult brand COMMODORE, which according to the motto “Power on!” wants to make the lives of many people easier with playfully easy-to-use devices today as in the past, falls today, 20 October 2021!

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