Ukraine: KSR donates vehicles to aid organisation

Motron Motorcycles 21 Aprile 2022

There is war in Europe. Ukraine is just a six-hour drive from Gedersdorf. A country with a population of over 40 million, a country from which we receive new reports of horror every day that are difficult or impossible to grasp. The KSR Group is also a company with employees who have family and friends in Ukraine. KSR has now donated five vehicles.

Gedersdorf/Krems, Ukraine | Tamas Horvath, KSR partner in Hungary for many years, has already been extensively involved in local relief projects. To support him, the KSR Group management decided to quickly and unbureaucratically provide five vehicles from Motron Motorcycles. Two Cubertinos were equipped with a top case and handed over to a Hungarian aid organisation. One of the vehicles will be used directly on the border with Ukraine, the other will stay in Budapest to help refugees move between train stations, airports and a stadium that serves as accommodation. The remaining three vehicles will be sold by Tamas Horvath – all the money raised will be used directly for the supply of necessary relief goods.

Hilfsorganisation Hungarian Reformed Church Aid |